Stadium Sport & Team Face Painting

Sport Events and Game Days is where it all started. It is my favorite pastime to Face paint fans with their favorite team colors and team designs at stadiums and outdoor games and events. I have enjoyed and beyond thrilled to paint at Phoenix Sun games, Arizona Cardinal games, Diamond back Events, Arizona Rattler events and I love seeing all the fans of all ages wearing team colors and beaming with excitement for their favorite teams. I paint all fans from all states who attend as the visiting teams and showing their spirit in all types of wigs and colorful outfits. I think all fans enjoy attending games at all of our beautiful Arizona stadiums. The energy is always high and I have a great time painting fans! I create special combinations of team colors like purple and orange for the suns, I paint the cardinals logo and I paint all the other team logo’s since I get requests for it all!

Enjoy these photos and laugh your hearts out at hilarious painted fan faces showing their spirit for their team. I have a great time painting “high spirited” fans at stadiums and it is hard to tell who is having more fun. Be sure to look for me at Phoenix Suns games, Cardinals games and the fanfests!!!! Watch my facebook page for announcements! Please request me at your stadium!